Tips/How to Use Indoor Plants in Home Decoration

Brighten up your home in an easy, quick and healthy way; using indoor plants as home decor makes for great aesthetics besides being environment friendly! 

Indoor plants can be used in numerous different ways to enhance and refresh and room’s decor and ambiance. And because there are so many varieties of plants, he possibilities are endless. Use them to add color to a room, to create a refreshing and relaxing mood, to purify the air or simply as accent features.

Tips & Tricks: Home Decor with Indoor Plants


If you have the luxury of a balcony or terrace then you can make it come alive with flowers and plants. It can become an extension of the living room or bedroom. Combine the plants with a grass lawn, a seating or entertainment area and you have a fabulous sensory experience. Shelves, hooks and wall mounted pots work as multi functional balcony space savers. Based on how much space you have, how much sun, wind and rain the outdoor space gets choose your plants. For example cactus will love a lot of heat whereas lettuce will not grow well in extreme heat. Do check your apartment rules, if any, about terrace or balcony gardening before you start.

Living Room:

This is the place where your friends, relatives, or guests crowd. So, this part of your home is actually your reflection or personality which is read and perceived by others. It is up to you how you are going to keep your living room.

Bedroom Room :

Use small indoor plants to create a refreshing ambiance in your bedroom. You can have a tiny planter on your nightstand or hang one in the corner of the room.

Green Bathroom-:

Most of the tropical plants require low light, high humidity, and warmth. A bathroom is thus the best place for the growth of certain plants.


Decorate the dining table with green ferns and plants in a vase or as a centerpiece. Flowers in vases look beautiful and striking. They can make any corner come alive. Use them to introduce an alternate colour into a room’s colour theme.

If you love cooking using fresh herbs, then growing them in your kitchen or terrace garden is a great idea. The good part is you can make it into a lovely decor idea too. Go vertical and grow herbs on your spare kitchen wall in small buckets or tumblers. You can even grow them in colourful pots on the kitchen window sill. Choose the herbs that you like to eat. My favourites would be coriander, mint, dill, basil. Since most plants don’t do too well indoors without sunshine, you will need to get the herbs into the sun regularly or else pests will get them soon.